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Our Employment Law Experience

Employment problems can be very stressful and clients need to know that their adviser has the experience to understand and guide them in some of the most difficult periods of their lives.  With many years’ experience of handling such problems, we will give you confidence that your case is being handled in your very best interests. 

Sometimes you may have to stand up to an employer and even be prepared to take your case to an employment tribunal. We will represent you fearlessly and with determination.
You may prefer to resolve a problem without it escalating into a full blown tribunal battle. We understand that many clients prefer that approach and need assistance to preserve their relationships and position in the work place. We will tell you how best to achieve this.

The Cost of Tribunal Cases for Unfair Dismissal or Wrongful Dismissal

We are pleased to provide representation for clients in employment tribunals, in bringing or defending claims.
We will normally charge hourly rates, which vary between £195 and £250 an hour in each case plus VAT.
Clients bringing claims often find they have the benefit of legal expenses insurance to cover such costs. Such insurance is commonly part of your household/contents insurance.
If clients bringing claims do not have the benefit of insurance, we may be happy to represent you under a damages based fee arrangement where we may charge up to 35% of what you win (including VAT), alternatively no charge if your claim is not successful.
Otherwise, based on hourly rates, the total cost of bringing or defending a claim for unfair dismissal can vary according to the length and complexity of the case. Often cases resolve by agreement before the final hearing but typically a case resulting in a trial lasting one full day may incur fees of £4-6000 plus VAT.
Our employment tribunal lawyers include Claire Gibb, who qualified as a solicitor in 2013 and has undertaken employment work ever since, and Jeremy Pickworth, a solicitor-advocate, who qualified in 1981.
If you have a problem at work that you’d like to discuss, please contact Jeremy Pickworth on 01937 547 001 or email him on jeremy@hartlaw.co.uk. 

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