Meet Team Hartlaw: Rachel

Meet Team Hartlaw: Rachel

07 Aug 2019
Another partner here at Hartlaw, Rachel is an essential member of our Private Client department. She set aside five minutes to answer our quickfire questions, so you can find out a little more about her.

How long have you worked at Hartlaw?
I’ve worked at Hartlaw since March 2015, so over 4 years now.
What misconception about your job do you have to explain to people?
That I can do all areas of law. ‘Law’ encompasses so many different types of work and, although you learn about most of them at law school, I have only ever practiced in Private Client work.
What is the best part of doing your job and why?
I like the interactions I get with people. I see clients virtually every day, and I learn something from all of them.
What is your favourite thing on your desk right now?
I recently completed the STEP (Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners) Diploma in Trusts & Estates (England & Wales) and the framed certificate sits proudly on my desk!
Where is your happy place?
On my allotment. It’s a bit of an uncontrollable jungle, it seems to rain every time I go there and half of my plants have died (or fallen victim to the dreaded slugs), but I love it.
Do you have a hobby? 
I love to travel and learn about places which are a little bit off the beaten path (although I don’t venture entirely off into the wilderness – proper bathrooms are a must!). I am a fount of totally useless travel information.
Cats v. dogs?
Cat! I have a big grey cat, called Gus. He spends his life sleeping in strange places (like the bathroom sink), getting under my feet and hatching dastardly plots to steal food, but he is hilarious and I wouldn’t swap him for the world.
What is top of your Bucket List?
I have a list of all the places I want to travel to. I’d love to visit Taiwan and Tbilisi, Georgia next. My ultimate ‘Bucket List’ item would be getting to the end of that list (and then, I’ll start a new list!).

What is your guilty pleasure/obsession?
My guilty pleasure is the US-version of the sitcom ‘The Office’. I never got into the UK one, but I think the US version, set at a Pennsylvania-based paper supply company, is brilliant. Working at Hartlaw is nothing like working at The Dunder Mifflin Paper Company!
If you need help writing or updating your Will, setting up a Trust or assigning a Power of Attorney, get in touch with Rachel on 01937 547023, or send an email to .

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