Moving House Checklist

Moving House Checklist

18 Apr 2019
So, you’ve found your perfect home, and you are all ready to get the process started for moving in. But where exactly do you start? Moving to a new house can be tricky business when not done properly, so we’ve laid out some top tips to help you through the process and make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Moving Home Checklist: 

 Once you have your conveyancing solicitor instructed it’s time to get a little more organised. Our team will keep you posted throughout the process and guide you through each step of the transaction.
Touch base with your mortgage provider.
If renting, you will need to agree a suitable completion date in order to give your landlord the appropriate notice to move out.
Start that change of address list - you really won’t believe how long it can get - from all the essentials, like utilities suppliers, bank, doctors, dentist, through to your friends and family, and all of your favourite catalogues. A great way to make your list is to look at your incoming mail.
If you have a business registered to your current home, you will also need to start a change of address list for that!
Contact a couple of removal and storage companies for quotes and consider the options for packing yourself, or you can opt for a full service from them. Look at delicate items such as artwork, and consider if any additional care needs to be taken.
If you have children who will be moving schools, you’ll need to sort out paperwork for this.
Start to declutter and sell unwanted items, donate to charity, or take a trip to the tip. It’s good practice to make a list of your possessions for the removals and also insurance.
Check your new home is insured, and that your insurance policy will cover your move.
Get a quote from a local cleaning company to thoroughly clean your current home before you hand over the keys.
Organise your redirects for your post and phone. Note: The Post Office charge per family name.

Moving Day Plans: 
Do you need help with childcare or pet care on the day to save you running around?
Make yourself a survival kit with the essentials you need to see you through the day, and pack your car with everything you need straight away, like PJs, bedding, towels and a toolkit. Food wise, ensure you have the kettle, tea and biscuits ready for all your helpers.
Keep your important documents like passports and any identification information in a safe document wallet.
Remember to get your meter readings to report to your utility companies for the final bills.

These are just a few pointers to get you started with your move and settled into your new home. For more help and advice, or to talk to a member of our Residential Property team, give Marie a ring on 01937 547012, or stop in at the office for a chat.