Resolving Conflict

Try as we might to avoid them, disputes can and do arise. If they do, we can help.
Our team of litigation specialists will do all they can to help prevent disputes arising, or see if there is any way in which the problem can be resolved at an early stage.
Jeremy has long experience in alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, and will do his utmost to assist in solving difficult issues between people even when it seems impossible to bridge the gap.
At all times your best interests are first and foremost. But if your case can only be resolved in court  Jeremy  as a solicitor-advocate can represent you on the day or we can brief a barrister for you, or even advise you how to conduct a small claims hearing yourself if you prefer.
The sorts of disputes we commonly manage include:

Landlord & Tenant Disputes 

Landlord and tenant relationships revolve around someone's home, and it’s vital that these relationships are kept fair and professional.  We help people deal with issues in areas such as notice periods, unacceptable behaviour and health and safety in the home.

Inheritance Claims

Jeremy has substantial experience of dealing with contested wills and estates, acting both on behalf of claimants and defendants.


Our experience covers contractual, professional and educational negligence, as well as landlord and tenant issues.


We often act in cases involving the sale or purchase of animals, or injuries they cause, especially horses. Jeremy is an equine specialist and member of the Equine and Animal Lawyers Association.
For more information, or to arrange an initial meeting, please contact Jeremy Pickworth on 01937 547 001 or email

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Deputyship Refunds

The Office of the Public Guardian (the body sponsored by the Ministry of Justice to supervise Deputies acting under the order of the Court of Protection) have announced that they have overcharged for some Deputyship annual supervision and assessment fees paid in the period between 1 April 2008 and 31 March 2015.