Are You Prepared?

Employment law is fast moving, ever changing and can be a minefield for managers and business owners. Many employers are unaware of how far employment rights now extend.
We’re here to help you navigate the minefield; offering you specialist advice and support with HR planning to help you pre-empt potential legal problems, and resolve issues quickly if they do arise.
We work with a wide range of employers; from those managing small businesses with a just a few employees through to large companies employing hundreds of staff.

Helping Your Business Run Smoothly

Our focus is on providing proactive support to help you avoid claims; as well as advising you handle claims that may already have arisen, and our team’s expertise includes drafting employment contracts, terms and conditions, alongside other policies and procedures that will help you maintain a productive and stable workforce. They can also advise on redundancy procedures, if required.
We can help you develop and implement effective recruitment policies, to make sure you get the right people in the right roles and avoid discrimination; we can advise on employees’ rights;  as well as helping to prevent or deal with accidents or stress in the workplace.
To find out more about our approach, please contact Jeremy Pickworth on 01937 547 001 or email jeremy@hartlaw.co.uk.

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