Debt Recovery 

Withheld payments can be a real problem, starving many small and medium sized businesses of vital cashflow that is the lifeblood of their business.
With many debt collection services, day-to-day recovery is handled by junior or unqualified staff. All too often, that means that mistakes are made, which will cost you valuable time and money.
We recognise the importance of effective debt recovery to our clients. We offer a fixed-fee debt recovery service, and our highly skilled and experienced team works with organisations large and small, using a debt collection system that makes the process swift and efficient.

Our Fixed-Fee Service

We can write a letter to your debtor requesting payment within seven days and giving notice of intended action in the event of non-payment for just £7.50 plus VAT. If payment is not forthcoming and the debt is not disputed, we will prepare and commence court proceedings on your behalf for an additional fixed fee, dependent on the amount claimed. If the debt is disputed, we will advise you on costs and timescales at the onset of the case.
The earlier a debt is passed to us, the earlier we can collect it on your behalf, which means it will be working for you, not your creditors.
For more information, or to discuss an unpaid debt, please contact Jeremy Pickworth on 01937 547 001 or email

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