Wetherby Food Bank

22 Apr 2015
Proudly supporting The Wetherby and District Foodbank
In late October of 2014 our plans for the establishment of a foodbank to serve Wetherby and the surrounding area came to fruition and the foodbank opened at Barleyfields Youth Centre in Wetherby.

The foodbank is now well and truly up and running – we have a superb warehouse, donated to us by Thorp Arch Estate, with a good stock of food, all donated by local people, organisations and businesses; we have a generous number of well trained volunteers and we have many supporters, who give us their goodwill, money, practical help and resources.   From an early and tentative start, when we were propped up by members of the Wetherby Methodist Church, we have developed into an independent community based foodbank charity, and a part of the ‘Trussell Trust family’ of foodbanks.

We have a distribution centre that is open for two sessions a week, and a hard working coordinator and steering group.  We have charitable status with a board of Trustees and robust operating policies, practices and procedures.  

We have recently, and most generously, been offered the donation of a vehicle: liveried, insured and maintained – to help us with out work, (and this may well provide us with a wonderful opportunity to offer help other voluntary organisations and charities in need of transport in our locality).

These resources have enabled us to support over 100 local people, and indirectly, through donations of short dated food to other local foodbanks, many more than that – people who have come from many different postcodes in and around Wetherby and surrounding villages, and people of all ages.  And our records show us that the take up is now increasing – as we anticipated, as people get to know that the foodbank is there, for them, when they need it.  

The next stage in our development is to offer services to those living in Tadcaster and surrounding villages, in line with our original planning.   The possession of a vehicle will make this more achievable.  Currently, people in Tadcaster and area in need of a foodbank get support from the Selby foodbank, which is some distance away – the offer of support from Wetherby and District Foodbank may make it easier for some, and will give those in need of support a choice.  This development will be rolled out in the next few weeks.

There has been a lot of interest in our foodbank – from local people, organisations and businesses – and we have had excellent support from the Wetherby News and from local radio, in particular Tempo FM.  

We have been heartened by the amount of support the foodbank has received from our community, and have been grateful, relieved and pleased to ‘be there’ for those who have needed to use our services.
For more info on Trusell Trust visit  http://www.trusselltrust.org/ 

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