Wetherby Business Association

05 Sep 2017
We are a part of the Wetherby Business Association.
The association was founded over 50 years ago by two local chemists, a pork butcher and an ironmonger. It now has almost 200 members and permanent officers including the Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Membership Officer and 3 Directors.

Membership of the Association costs only £50 per annum and is available to anyone running a business in the Wetherby area (which includes Collingham and Boston Spa.) The purpose of the Chamber is to improve shopping and business services in the Wetherby area. We do this by encouraging new businesses and making it easier for them to flourish.
Wetherby Business Association has always been known for its new ideas. It is largely responsible for the introduction of the HGV ban through the centre of town and the creation of the shoppers’ only car parks in Crossley Street and elsewhere. The Association has strong links with Wetherby Town Council and Leeds City Council as well as our local Member of Parliament.

Wetherby Business Association is delighted to issue its 2015 Wetherby area directory for the benefit of the residents of the Wetherby area. Delivering to 10,000 households in the area as well as the council offices, library, hotels and guest houses.

For more infomation please visit: http://www.wetherbybusinessassociation.co.uk

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